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The life

The life

Attilio Parelli

Attilio Parelli is the stage name of Attilio Enrico Paparella (born in Monteleone d’Orvieto, 31 maggio 1874 – ivi, 26 dicembre 1944), he has been an italian composer and conductor.

Attilio and his family


Attilio Parelli was born from Germano P. and Lucia Maresci, in a humble family of artisans and farmers, and his father died soon (Attilio was about 8 years old).
His mother, widowed, took Domenico Mancinelli in second marriage, he was an important landowner of Monteleone, also widower and with children.
Some years later a stepsister born (1888), named Ermellina Mancinelli, while Attilio already had a sister, Giulia Paparella, born in 1878.
From studies to work

The carreer

Thanks to the economic support of the step-father, he studied at the Regia Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome, under the supervision of the tutor Cesare de Sanctis, from 1891 to 1899.
A. Parelli started his conduction activity in Italy and in Paris, and then moved to North America. There are photos and documents that testify these travels to the USA, the country chosen by Master Parelli to test his own talent, before to come back home, rich in honor and glory.
The marriage with Isolina

The love

He married Isolina Rapalli in Monteleone d’Orvieto, the 11th of August 1906. She was born in 1873 in Castel San Giovanni, near Piacenza, from Pietro R. and Chiara Gandini. As testified by a dedication on a music score, she was a student of Master Parelli, known during his milanese period of activity. Isolina Rapalli and Attilio Parelli had no children.
The overseas experience


Starting from 1906 A. Parelli collaborated with Cleofonte Campanini (another italian conductor born in Parma, 1860 and dead in Chicago, 1919) at the Manhattan Opera House and at the Grand Opera Company of Chicago.
The return to Italy


In 1925 he came back to Italy and became artistic director of the Unione Radiofonica Italiana (following named Eiar, and finally Rai) of Milano.
At that time, radiophonic programs consisted of vocal and instrumental concerts of religious, symphonic and chamber music. Besides serious repertoire music, a great space was given to the first performances of neapolitan and patriotic songs. The rest of the proposed music, largely consisted of operettas. The various opening themes of the RAI programs written by Parelli for the radiophonic stations of Milan, Turin, Rome and Naples, date back to this period. The opening signal of the Rai headquarters in Turin, a melodious sound of harp and bells that seems inspired by those of the native country, is still transmitted by Rai Radio Due at 7.00 in the morning.
Attilio Parelli died in Monteleone d’Orvieto the 26th of december 1944, and he rests in the monumental part of the cemetery of his native village.

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